Colorful Abstract Painting – Set Me Free


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Experience the power of freedom with ‘Set Me Free,’ a colorful abstract painting that captures the essence of breaking free from constraints. The painting features a bold and vibrant color palette, with an array of hues that blend together to create a sense of empowerment and energy. The brushstrokes are loose and expressive, giving the painting personality. The composition is dynamic and well balanced, with the use of shapes and lines creating a sense of liberation and release. The title ‘Set Me Free’ suggests the painting is a visual representation of the idea of breaking free from limitations and constraints, both physical and mental. This painting is a powerful and thought-provoking piece that will make a statement in any room or space.


Abstract Artist Jessica Hendrickx


Original painting


Painted entirely by hand



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Cotton Canvas 380g/m2, High grade Acrylic Paint


Unmounted artwork, will ship in a tube


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