Abstract Underwater Painting – Kaia


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Dive into the depths of the ocean with ‘Kaia’ an abstract painting that evokes the beauty and mystery of the deep sea. The color palette is composed of shades of deep blue, creating a sense of depth and mystery. The brushstrokes are dynamic and expressive, giving the painting a sense of fluidity and movement, as if the ocean is alive and in motion. The composition is well balanced, featuring organic shapes and lines that suggest the form of sea creatures and plants, but not in a realistic way. The title ‘Kaia’ is a reference to the ancient Greek word for the sea, adding a sense of mythology and ancient culture to the piece. This painting will transport you to a peaceful and serene place, and it will remind you of the beauty and power of the ocean and nature.


Abstract Artist Jessica Hendrickx


Original painting


Painted entirely by hand




Cotton Canvas 380g/m2, High grade Acrylic Paint


Gloss varnish, protects against UV damage


Unmounted artwork, will ship in a tube


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