Large Soothing Abstract Painting – Find the Light


This artwork is available for sale!

Let ‘Find The Light’ take you on a journey of serenity and contemplation. The large size of this abstract painting makes it a statement piece that will command attention in any room. The artworks is a soothing blend of blue and white shades that create a sense of calm and tranquility. The brushstrokes are loose and flowing, giving the painting a sense of movement and depth. The composition is balanced and harmonious, leading the viewer’s eye through the painting. The title ‘Find The Light’ suggest that the painting is a reminder to look for the good things in life, even when things seem dark. This piece is perfect for any space that needs a calming and soothing touch and it will encourage you to take a moment to reflect and find your inner peace.


Abstract Artist Jessica Hendrickx


Original painting


Painted entirely by hand





Cotton Canvas 380g/m2, High grade Acrylic Paint


Gloss varnish, protects against UV damage


Unmounted artwork, will ship in a tube


FREE shipping