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This painting offers a glimpse into an ethereal underwater sanctuary, where light and shadow play in soft harmony. It stands as a testament to the quiet power of the ocean, its depths holding both mystery and tranquility.

Simplified and soothing, the composition draws the viewer into a meditative state. Swaths of calming blues and gentle greens intermingle, suggesting the peaceful sway of sea plants in a slow current. Flecks of yellow resemble sunlight filtering through water, illuminating the scene with a divine glow.

The artwork is an invitation to pause and immerse oneself in the silent, profound depths of the sea. It evokes a sense of connection to something larger than life, a reminder of the ocean’s role as a timeless sanctuary for thought and solace. This painting doesn’t just capture the beauty of the underwater world; it symbolizes the act of seeking peace and reflection in the embrace of nature.

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Dutch Abstract Artist Jessica Hendrickx


Original painting, unmounted and unframed


Canvas fully hand-painted, covering every inch from corner to corner


100 x 70 cm


Sides painted and extended by 5 cm for easy stretching onto a frame


Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Yellow


High grade Acrylic Paint, Premium 100% Cotton Canvas


Gloss varnish (shields artwork from UV damage)


Paintings are rolled and shipped in a tube box to ensure safe delivery


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Your local professional framer can typically stretch the canvas onto a frame